Neglected stool base gets a fresh face.

by gingerbelle on June 16, 2011

table0 This is my most recent make-over project — a side table for the nurs­ery of a very impor­tant baby.  To explain Joel and I have a very close cir­cle of friends that are really our extended fam­ily which very recently (just over 3 weeks ago) expanded by one.  Jasper Fin­lay Wood arrived May 22, and imme­di­ately stole our hearts.

Tessa (the proud new mom) had men­tioned to me in pass­ing a cou­ple months ago the type of side table she was look­ing for to put in the nurs­ery and asked me to keep my eyes open for her.  It just so hap­pened that in the prop shop I work at there was a rusty chipped old stool base that almost per­fectly sat­is­fied the look she was going for.  Terry (my very gen­er­ous boss) said I could have it since it had been there so long and he’d never get around to doing any­thing with it.  This was a great oppor­tu­nity since Joel and I wanted to do some­thing spe­cial for the baby.  Awe­some, base found– step one accom­plished.  table1

Now we had to come up with an appro­pri­ate table top.  After Joel put together our built in book­shelves this past win­ter there was still some ply­wood remain­ing that he had been talk­ing about exper­i­ment­ing  with ply-side up.  I sug­gested instead of mak­ing a cut­ting board he try a table top using that tech­nique.  It turned out beau­ti­fully and only took him an after­noon to put together (he is a machine when given a chal­lenge). table4 table5 He ripped a bunch of equal strips of ply the thick­ness we wanted for the top on the table saw, glued them face to face with wood glue & clamped them together into a square.  Then there was quite a lot of sand­ing with the belt sander to even the sur­face out before he used the router to cut the cir­cle.  The best was how he then ripped another thin strip of a nicer wood to face the edge — it was pro.

I stepped in for fin­ish­ing.  The base was my respon­si­bil­ity which I stripped, sanded lightly and painted white white — fin­ished with many lay­ers of polyurethane. table2 table3 The top how­ever took much longer.  There was wood filler to help fill in the imper­fec­tions in the ply­wood as well as much more sand­ing with superfine sand­pa­per.  The wood was then stained with a dark stain to match the fur­ni­ture they already have in the room.  From there I still wasn’t done, lay­ers upon lay­ers of tung oil was applied and then more and more polyurethane.  The end result was pretty great and worth the time I think.  We’re even talk­ing about doing the same thing for our kitchen table now.

table7 table8 Orig­i­nally I wanted the table to be a sur­prise but Tessa was on the hunt and I was afraid she would buy before I was done so I had to sug­gest she wait to buy the table.  She didn’t know what was com­ing but she knew there was some­thing.  In the end I think she and Andrew (proud papa) were really happy they waited and it looks fab­u­lous in the nurs­ery.  There is one other project in the works so I will post pic­tures of the nurs­ery when the other project is com­plete so stay tuned for more DIY.

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Tessa June 16, 2011 at 8:10 pm

We love it! Jasper, Andrew and I are lucky to have you in our lives! We love, love the table.

gingerbelle June 16, 2011 at 8:20 pm

I’m so glad! Fingers crossed for project #2 to come;)

Vicki June 17, 2011 at 8:48 pm

What a transformation, the table turned out perfectly guys. Well done!!

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