Treasure hunting Saturday road trip adventure.

by gingerbelle on March 20, 2011

road trip

In my house I have been hostage to win­ter long enough and this week­end it was time to get out.  One of my absolute favourite activ­i­ties is going to out­door antique/collectibles mar­kets and unfor­tu­nately Ontario weather does not sup­port that year round.  Luck­ily  dur­ing the ‘shut in’ months there is an indoor mar­ket in Cam­bridge Ontario (about an hour drive from Toronto) to fill the void — South­works Antiques .  South­works is open year round but is per­fect for a fun day trip before the weather is warm enough for the out­door markets.

So with trea­sure hunt­ing on the brain and after con­vinc­ing a good friend to come along, the Sat­ur­day road trip adven­ture was set into motion.

The play­ers:

The wheels — a VW GTI named, “Otto Von Bahn Bahn” — Bahn Bahn for short.

Andrea & Jen (me) both armed with sun­glasses & lattés.

iphone — loaded with new hip­sta­matic app for fun adven­ture documentation.

We got started a lit­tle later than planned but that was fine because it was a beau­ti­ful day and nei­ther of us were in a hurry.  The sun was shin­ing and there was barely any traf­fic so the ride was fast and smooth.  We sipped our lattes, chat­ted and before we knew it we were there.  It is just so much fun to walk through these places and mar­vel at what is there always mind­ful of what could be around the cor­ner or tucked in on the bot­tom shelf.  These sorts of places are great for find­ing inspi­ra­tion or jog­ging that cre­ativ­ity. I can find things from beau­ti­ful to fun to bizarre to the just plain fright­en­ing. Then I find myself amazed at what some peo­ple must have thought at one time was a good idea — now seem­ingly crazy.  I’m usu­ally look­ing for that spe­cial object/treasure that I only know when I see (a lot of our home decor has hap­pened this way), the antic­i­pa­tion and curios­ity keeps me dig­ging — I never know what it might be.

Aside from the rush of actu­ally find­ing a ‘treasure-to-me’ its the dig­ging through, the absurd things that are the best part.  The absurd is also why it is so great to have a fel­low trea­sure hunter with you so you can laugh together at all the crazy.  Here are some of the things we came across on this trip (all pic­tures taken with my new app hip­sta­matic — still fig­ur­ing out so much fun, thank you for the tip Candice!):

blue and red why

old toys terrifying It was a great trip, we had lots of fun tak­ing in the crazy and still man­aged to find a cou­ple trea­sures to bring home with us.

treasures going home

I love Toronto and all it has to offer but some­times its just great to get out of the city to find some new inspi­ra­tion and this trip didn’t disappoint!

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vmoore March 21, 2011 at 7:44 pm

Oooh Jen… looks like you had a fun sun filled adventure! The glass door knobs were a great find! Thanks for sharing your experience. PS. Love the pictures:)

John March 24, 2011 at 12:12 pm

I think I’m going to have nightmares now. Thanks, Jen. Scary, scary toys. *Shudder*

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